Decal is a vinyl film that is cut into shapes, letters, and numbers and placed onto a vehicle’s surface

When a company operates a vehicle for commercial purposes, it must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Upon completing your registration. The company will then be supplied a registration number that must be displayed (a US DOT number for example) on its vehicles, visible on both sides, from a minimum of 50 feet away. The unique USDOT number is an individual identification number for any company safety audits, vehicle inspections, accident reports and compliance reviews. This number will be required to be posted on both sides of your vehicle and must be visible from a minimum of 50 feet away. Different states have different additional requirements

When producing the die cut DOT decals, we use a 7 year vinyl that is rated for outdoor use. You should get 5-7 years of continued outdoor use of the vinyl Decals. Magnetic signs usually last 3-5 years with proper care, cleaning and storage.

If you choose the default free shipping option you should expect to receive your decals or magnets within 5 business days. Although this is the default method of shipping there are many other options available to get them faster.

All of our decals are protected against manufacturers defects for a period not to exceed 90 days. Upon receipt of your product if you should fine that they are defective in any way, please contact us and we will authorize an exchange. Magnetic signs are warranted from fading, peeling, and cracking for 1 year.

No, magnets will only stick to vehicles made of steel. For vehicles made of aluminum or fiberglass, you will want to go with a sticker. Magnets will only stick to steel. Some vehicles, including most sports cars, some semi truck doors, and newer Ford vehicles are made of aluminum or fiberglass. You can test your vehicle using a refrigerator magnet, if the refrigerator magnet sticks, our vehicle magnets will as well.

If you have any problem whatsoever, please contact our customer service team at  (956) 679-3069. We are printing and installation experts and are here to help. Or you can check How To Videos

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